Are you a cheerleader or gymnast with a mental block in your tumbling who has tried everything (private lessons, multiple coaches, switching gyms, avoidance, obsession, etc.) to get past it? 
Are you an athlete who considers yourself "shy" and has trouble trusting your abilities? 
Do you let fears from your coaches, parents, or teammates overwhelm you?
Have you questioned giving up your sport because of the stress you feel around practices and performance or games? 
Have you let your fears and stress take away the joy of your sport and pursuit of goals?
Are you the parent of an athlete who is experiencing any of the above? 
Are you a coach who needs support getting your team to work together, bring positivity to practice and games, and show up at games and practice "in the zone"? 
 ... If you resonated with any of the above I am so glad you are here!

You're in the right place ...

I am a mental performance coach who helps athletes push through mental blocks and fears so they can regain their passion, pursue their goals, and ultimately experience authentic joy in their sport and life.

My Story



I was a competitive cheerleader in middle and high school with a passion for tumbling. My abilities gave me confidence and I was energized by the pursuit of new skills. Following high school, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to Mercer University and competed as a Charter Member of their 2010 competitive cheerleading team. Through college and many years after, I coached gymnastics and cheerleading, produced choreography for cheerleading teams, and led cheerleading camps throughout Georgia. After college, I moved to Cumming, GA where I now live with my college sweetheart, Scott, and amazing 2-year-old son, Brooks. In 2013, I started weightlifting to get back into the competitive arena. That eventually led to Crossfit which I have done for the past 5 years. 

I have experienced the frustration of putting in the time, energy, and money into physical abilities only to get to a place where my mind gets in the way. As a tumbler, through my cheerleading career, I experienced mental blocks at different levels. I have experienced blocks in my weightlifting where I go to perform a snatch lift only to freeze quickly after getting the bar off of the ground. I figured out how to push through every time but it was at a cost of time, money, and confidence. My desire is to help others get through their mental blocks faster. 
As a Certified Mental Game Professional, I use a proven sports mental training performance enhancement system developed from nearly 25 years of mental coaching experience. With the knowledge and experience I gained as a coach and athlete as well as through the MGCP program, I am able to help athletes overcome mental obstacles and find “the zone.” I work with clients to identify mental barriers, teach a proven mental skills system, and improve performance in competition. My clients would say that I help athletes build confidence, maximize performance, and help them regain their passion and joy. 

"Your success in your sport is important and worth investing in, but your self-confidence and unwavering belief in your self as a person is priceless."

An athlete’s sport is such an important part of their life… It is where they learn how to make friends, how to have fun and the rules of the world. When athletes are in love with their sport they eat, sleep, and breath it… they practice every chance they get and are driven to achieve their goals and strive to be the best they can be.


At a certain point in their career, an athlete may start to question their abilities or compare themselves to their teammates and competitors… this leads them to start playing defensively, stop goal setting, and falling behind in their performance. This is often labeled as a ‘mental block’. There is also the ‘mental block’ cheerleaders and gymnasts experience when their bodies stop performing skills they have mastered. These situations can be detrimental to the athlete and can lead them to injury or so much anxiety that they give up their sport.


My mission is to help athletes learn mental game skills that push them past these challenges so they can get back to loving their sport again. When athletes are strong in their mental performance, they can experience true joy in their sport and life… that fires me up and is the reason I do what I do.

My Mission


"My 15-year-old daughter has been coached by Mandy for quite some time for competitive cheer. Mandy has been a great mental coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding the psychological aspects of competitive sports. Our daughter's performance has improved dramatically as a result of Mandy's approach and would recommend her to any athlete wanting to improve their performance. Thank you, Mandy, for all your help!”



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