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Performance Coaching 

Unlock your mental strength and improve your game

What is mental performance coaching?

Mental performance coaching helps athletes break through the mental barriers keeping them from performing up to their peak potential. By focusing on the mental skills needed to be successful in any sporting competition, mental game coaching seeks to achieve the overall goal of performance improvement.


Are you performing up to your ability ? Do you perform as well in competition as you do in practice? Do you maintain doubts about your sport before or during competitions? Do you physically know how to perform a skill but your unable to do so because of a mental block? 


Mental coaching helps:

  • Improve focus and deal with distractions

  • Grow confidence in athletes who have doubts

  • Develop coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors

  • Find the right zone of intensity for your sport

  • Help teams develop communication skills and cohesion

  • To instill a healthy belief system and identify irrational thoughts

  • Improve or balance motivation for optimal performance

  • Develop confidence post-injury.

  • Develop game specific strategies and game plan

  • To identify and enter the “zone” more often

INdividual Coaching

Level Up Your Performance

Team Coaching

Improve communication and cohesion to enhance team performance

Speaking Engagement

Motivational event presentations relating to self-confidence, doubts, and barriers that hold back performance

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